"There can be no doubt about the task confronting us at present:-
a ruthless criticism of the existing order
... that will shrink neither from its own discoveries nor from conflict with the powers that be."

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Marxist Interventions
Articles from Australia in the social sciences.

This site contains Marxist writings by Australians working primarily in the International Socialist tradition. One of the aims is to give you access to material that is scattered around various journals and contained in unpublished theses and manuscripts. There are also bibliographies and similar resources. It has a strong bias towards history, but includes other social sciences. The main focus will be on Australia, but there will also be material on other parts of the Asia-Pacific region. The site will be expanded over time.

In many cases, the footnotes have been lost in reformatting the texts for the web. Enquiries about sources, and about the theses or articles these texts are based on, can be sent directly to the authors if their e-mail addresses appear. If not, write to me at the address below and I'll put you in touch.

Sometimes select bibliographies appear at the end of the articles. There is a complete list of articles in the blue sidebar. If you can't see the sidebar, click here.

The site was established and maintained by Tom O'Lincoln

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