Marxist Interventions

Rebel Women in Australian Working Class History

Edited by Sandra Bloodworth and Tom O'Lincoln. Published by Interventions, Melbourne, 1998.

When you click on the links below, a new window will open. To return here, just close that window. For ease of reading we recommend the html version. But unfortunately only chapter 1 has retained its footnotes in formatting for the web. Also the html documents don't have any images. However all the footnotes and images are in the pdf version, as well as information about the contributors (current as of publication in 1998). If you want to cite original page numbers, use that version too.

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HTML version:
Introduction Sandra Bloodworth.
Militant Spirits The Rebel Women of Broken Hill. Sandra Bloodworth.
Brazen Hussies and God's Police Fighting Back in the Depression Years. Janey Stone.
Class Struggle on the Home Front Women, Unions and Militancy in the Second World War. Janey Stone.
Against the Stream Women and the Left, 1945-1968. Tom O'Lincoln
Equal Pay The Insurance Industry Struggle, 1973-75. Diane Fieldes.
Sweatshop Rebels The 1981 Kortex Strike. Sandra Bloodworth.
Dedication Doesn't Pay the Rent! The 1986 Victorian Nurses' Strike. Liz Ross.

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