Australian Marxist journals

Australian Marxist journals
published by the International Socialist Organisation

Socialist Review 1990-1993

No 1, January 1990
David Lockwood, "China: Behind the Massacre"
Robert Bollard, "Croatian Nationalism"
Mick Armstrong, "The Making of Labor" (review article of a book on the origins of the Labor Party)

No 2, Winter 1990
Sandra Bloodworth, "The Poverty of Patriarchy Theory"
David Glanz, "Dinky-di Domination: Australian Imperialism and the South Pacific"
Mick Armstrong, "The Industrial Workers of the World in Australia"
Tom Bramble, "The Utopian Fantasy of 'Post-Fordism': A Review of John Mathews"
Tom O'Lincoln, "Mariategui: Peruvian Revolutionary"

No 3, Summer 1990
Phil Griffiths, "Australian Perceptions of Japan: The History of a Racist Phobia"
Tony Sullivan, "Post-Structuralism: A Marxist Alternative (part one)
Anne Picot, "Stalin's Industrialisation and the Myth of a Planned Economy"
Mick Armstrong, "Nestor Makhno: The Failure of Anarchism"
David Glanz: "Marx and the Communal Village"

No 4, Winter 1991 (produced during the Gulf War)
Diane Fieldes, "Imperialism in the Nineties"
Tom O'Lincoln, "The New Australian Militarism"
Janey Stone, "The Gulf War, Israel and the Palestinians"
Sandra Bloodworth, "Nationalism and Revolution in the Arab World"
Mick Armstrong, "1917: From World War to Class War" (Australian labour history)
Anne Picot: "Vietnam: How We Won Last Time" (Australian anti-war movement)
David Glanz, "Gulf War: Lessons of the Movement" (Australian anti-war movement)
Tess Lee Ack, "The Marxist Tradition and Women's Liberation"

No 5, Autumn 1992
Sanbdra Bloodworth, "Rape, Sexual Violence and Capitalism"
Robert Bollard, "The Left and Gorbachev"
Tony Sullivan, "Post-Structuralism: A Marxist Alternative (part two)
Tony Belcher, "The Australian Economy in the 1980s"
Tom O'Lincoln, "The Rise and Fall of Gough Whitlam"
Tom Bramble, "The Accord and the State of Working Class Organisation"

Socialist Worker Review - from 1997

No 1, November 1997
Terry Symonds, "Australian Racism: Whose Ideology?"
Ian Rintoul, "Howard's Economic Dilemma"
"50 Years of the International Socialist Tradition" (interview with Tony Cliff)
Tom O'Lincoln, "Indonesian Faultlines"
David Glanz: "Australia: The Neighbour from Hell" (Australian imperialism)
Judy McVey: "The Body Politic" (review of books on women)

No 2, September 1998
Tom O'Lincoln, "The Water Wears Away the Stone" (on Indonesia)
Adrian Skerritt, "The Terrible Price of Stopping Half Way" (the tragedy of the Indonesian Communist Party)
Tom Orsag, "Road Map for Revolution" (on the theory of permanent revolution)
David Glanz, "Over the Hills and Far Away" (on the Philippines left)
Tad Tietze, "How Does Capitalism Survive?"
Graham Hastings, "Knowledge for Sale" (review of books on education)

No 3, November 1999
ISO National Committee, "Socialists and the East Timor Crisis"
ISO National Committee, "Time for an Action Program"
Terry Symonds, " 'Socialism in Our Time': Communists and Labor in the Great Depression"
Ian Rintoul, "Behind Howard's 'Golden Era': The State of the Australian Economy"
Tom O'Lincoln, "Indonesia After the Elections"
Sandy Boucher: "What Do We Mean By? ... Democratic Centralism"
David Glanz: "The Reds" (review of a book on the Communist Party).
Chris Breen, "Green Bans, Red Union" (review of a book on the Builders' Labourers' Federation)

No 4, May 2001
Editorial: "Howard's End: Socialists and the Elections"
Socialist Alliance Platform
David Glanz, "S11: A New World is Possible"
Ashley Lavelle, "Who Owns Australia?"
Judy McVey, "The Fight That's Still to be Won" (on abortion rights)
Muhammad Ma'ruf, "Deterring Democracy" (critique of bourgeois politicians in Indonesia.)
"Unionism in Jakarta", interview with Indonesian trade unionists.
Tom O'Lincoln, "An Arc of Instability" (on Australian militarism)

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