Socialist Alternative Magazine (1997 - 2013)
This was the monthly publication of Socialist Alternative from 1996 - 2013 when it was replaced by a new fortnightly newspaper called Red Flag, launched in July 2013. Information on Red Flag newspaper can found here

Various Socialist Alternative publications
A selection of political pamphlets produced by Socialist Alternative.

Direct Action (2008 - 2013)
Direct Action was the paper of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) from 2008 until 2013.

The Doug Lorimer archive
Doug Lorimer was a revolutionary for 42 years, a leader of the Socialist Workers Party, which became the Democratic Socialist Party, and more recently the Revolutionary Socialist Party – which fused with Socialist Alternative in 2013. Doug Lorimer sadly passed away on 21 July 2013. This is a compilation of his political writings from 1985 - 2012.

Marxist Interventions
Socialist Alternative has archived three important websites that provide a considerable amount of useful material by writers on the Australian socialist left.